If you are attempting to move a pool table by yourself, learning what to do will be your first issue. It will involve you completely dismantling a pool table, doing some heavy lifting with some strong friends, and then assembling it while making it absolutely level. While it is possible to take on the job of getting a pool table moved with some friends, hiring professionals should really be considered. Pittsburgh Pool Table Movers has great installers who have moved each type of billiard table from old antique tables to modern outdoor tables. We have the expert knowledge to cautiously take it apart, label, and pack each part and then assemble the table into your home.


Doing it yourself is an option. All you need is to be handy, detail oriented person, that has excellent carpentry abilities, some special tools, and have some strong friends. Seriously, pool tables are really heavy because the bed under the felt is made from rock. Also, keep in mind that taking it apart is much more complicated than it looks. It is not easy like a dining room table. Removing the felt from the slate is a tricky process that could leave a person tearing their hair out. So is putting it back on the table. A pool table is one of the most difficult objects that you could have to move. It’s bulky, heavy, wide, and very delicate.

This Do-It-Yourself method can be dangerous to you and to the pool table itself. Many make the mistake of trying to treat it like a dresser or hutch by calling several friends to help, and end up twisting it every which way in order to fit in the doorway. Regrettably, these types of actions can often end up with an injury to you or your helpers, and you could also warp the surface or even damage a component. If you are really curious about how to properly move a pool table, the steps are below. Please read carefully and thoroughly. Pittsburgh Pool Table Movers will guide you through the process.